The OS

Boot & Bootstraping: Booting is the sum of tasks a computer completes until loading the Operating System. You have read before about the "boot order" option in BIOS. This is the order in witch the computer searches for a media containing a Operating System.

Now that you have your computer starting, you are probalbly getting a message like "Missing Operating System". Now you must choose an Operating System. The operating system is a software component that manages hardware resources and ensures funtionality of programs.

There are two large players in the operating system's field: Microsoft's Windows and Open Source Linux. I will now byte my tongue becouse asuming you are totaly new to computers i will slightly encourage you to use Windows.

System Configuration Recomended Microsoft Product. Needed drive space
386 40 MHZ ~4 Mb RAM MS-DOS 622 & Widnows 3.1 ~20 Mb
486 100 MHz ~8 Mb RAM Windows 95~100 Mb
pentium 1 133 MHz ~16 Mb RAM Windows 98~200 Mb
Cyrix 300 MHz / Pentium 2 233 MHz ~64 Mb RAM Windows 98/ME~200/~500 Mb
Pentium 2 233 MHz >64 Mb RAM Windows XP~1 Gb

If i did not convince you to refuse Linux, There is plenty of documentation about it on the net, namely on . I should let you know that altdought this site was written entirely under Linux i am still not confortable using it. Maybe the 4 years of windows have talken their toll.

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