The Basic Input Output System manages the hardware resources of the machine so that the OS (Operating System). You must configure the BIOS settings so your machine will recognize the HDD, FDD, CD-ROM, time and date and many many more things.

I will use the Award BIOS of the P5MVP3 as an example. To enter BIOS, usualy you must press "del" key when the system performs RAM check.

You are now in the main menu of your BIOS. Some function keys are displayed at the bottom of the screen. First of all select an item called something like "Load Setup Defaults". Proceed to have the cursor on top of it using arow keys and press "enter" then "y" then "enter" again. Now go to the "IDE HDD autodetection". Your HDD should be detected, accept settings. now go to the "standard CMOS setup", change settings for floppy drives, time and date to suit your needs. The last changes you yould apreciate doing in "BIOS features setup" is enable "quick power on self test" and set the right boot order. Save and exit.

The system is now rebooting and we pass on to the OS

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