Where Do I Go From Here?

With a decent amount of luck, i mean if you got it working mainly by yourself, you have saved about two years of your time. This is the documentation i would have liked to read when i got my first PC. i Hope it was worthy for you to read it, and of course, if it was, i would verry much like to hear from you.
From now on you should start using programs, get familiarised with the OS, read a few books on old OSes like MS-DOS. That kind of knowledge will come in handy.
There are numerous things that can be done with a computer. Check out the programs your OS installed by default and one final thing: use all your fingers when you type. i first memorised all the keys and their positions (becouse i had a german keyboard and i couldn't find slashes). You will feel very confortable with the keyboard before you know it. I made this document in Bluefish HTML editor becouse i'm to lazy to get my hands off the keyboard. Mice are waste of time.

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